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JCTPRINT printing rubber roller pursues the most perfect printing effect.


Our rollers are made of high-quality raw materials, rigorously tested by our quality analysts on different quality parameters, and are the most ideal rubber rollers for flexo printing and gravure printing applications.   


     ♦  Sturdy structure.

     ♦  perfect finish.

     ♦  Corrosion resistance.


Flexo rubber roller

As an industry leader, we are committed to providing a range of flexo rubber rollers.


     ♦  Solvent resistant.

     ♦  Excellent ink transfer.

     ♦  Constant hardness.

     ♦  Smooth surface finish.

     ♦  Prevent ink from drying and hardening.

     ♦  Improve printing quality.


    ♦  Ink form roller  

    ♦  Dampening roller


Gravure rubber roller

The gravure printing rollers provided by JCTPRINT have a high-quality structured surface and provide consistent working performance.



      ♦  High chemical and solvent resistance.

      ♦  Good tensile strength.

      ♦  Hardness stability.

      ♦  Increases the uniform flow and circulation of ink.

      ♦  Improve printing quality.


    ♦  Ink form roller  

     ♦  Impression roller


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