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FQ-1300 Slitting machine
FQ-1300 Slitting machine

FQ-1300 Slitting machine

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Product Description

FQ1300 Slitting machine

FQ-1300 is a vertical simple film slitting machine, which is mainly used for slitting large rolls of raw materials into small rolls of wide materials.

As the whole machine is controlled by magnetic powder tension, the FQ-1300 film slitting machine has a maximum speed of 150 m/min and a slitting accuracy of 0.5 mm, which is more suitable for slitting large rolls of film materials/non-woven fabrics.

The operation of the machine is controlled by PLC and displayed on the touch screen, which is simple and convenient to operate

 Because of the price advantage, FQ-1300 film slitting machine is favored by foreign small-scale printing customers.

Customers can cut raw materials to meet individual needs and save money on materials.

Model Type


Max. Parent Web Width


Max. Parent Web Dia.:


Max. Rewinding Dia.:


Max. Unwinding Speed:


Unwinding Shaft:

3” Pneumatic Air Expanding Shaft




3 Phase 380V 50HZ

Rewinding Shaft in Diameter


Overall Dimensions:

2050 x 1600 x 1500mm

Product details

1.Round knife and Share knife together attach in the machine , situable for film and adhesive material slit . 

2.Unwinding with 1okg magnetic brake control , lifted by hydraulic unwinder . 

3.Special supporting cylinder for film slit

4.PLC& touch screen to remote machine running .

5.Support more rolls rewind .


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