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gravure cylinder Steel
gravure cylinder Steel gravure cylinder Steel gravure cylinder Steel gravure cylinder Steel gravure cylinder Steel

gravure cylinder Steel

Product Tags : Flexo Cylinder Plate
Product Attributes :

Circumference of the cylinder: 100-1500mm

Width of the cylinder: 50-8200mm

Product Description

   JCTPRINT also offers flexo printing cylinders.

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JCTPRINT steel gravure cylinder 

JCTPRINT Gravure cylinder detial

    JCTPRINT has full confidence in providing high-quality gravure plate cylinders for printing machine customers,

   · Sufficient manufacturing experience

   · Professional technical engineers

   · Accurate control of the whole process


JCTPRINT Gravure engraving

    JCTPRINT uses American high-quality engraving machine, adopts electroplating technology, and the engraving depth reaches 80 microns.


Advantages of JCTPRINT gravure cylinder

    We use 45# seamless steel tube for the base roller, ensuring sufficient stiffness under heavy pressure.

    Each cylinder undergoes two dynamic balance tests with radial jumped error < ±0.005 for even ink distribution.

    Heating treatment increases hardness, prevents deformation and ensures long service life.


JCTPRINT Printing Sample


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Gravure cylinder  specifications

Base roller thickness 6-8mm
Chrome plating hardness 800-900HV
Chrome plating thickness 12-15 microns
smallest size 300 (width)*120 (diameter)
Engraving specifications 80 microns


Application of JCTPRINT gravure cylinder

1)Plastic packaging printing

Plastic material like PE,PET,BOPP, OPP and so on.

2)bottle label or all kinds of bags

Aluminum foil printingMedicine packaging ,beer labels(on the neck and the seal label)

3)Metalized paper printing

Wet strength paper,beer label(on the body and back),Cigarette packaging(coated paper, cardboard, Laser paper to make cigarette package)

4)Special material printing   

Laser Anti-counterfeit,wood grain and so on.

GRAVURE cylinder

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