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Anilox roller
Anilox roller Anilox roller Anilox roller Anilox roller

Anilox roller

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The anilox roller is used to quantitatively and uniformly transmit the required ink to the graphic part of the printing plate. It is a key component of the ink transfer system of the flexo printing equipment. Its manufacturing accuracy directly affects the quality of the flexo printing.

Today, through the introduction and upgrading of technology and the use of anilox roller ceramic spray coating electronic engraving machine, the processing and manufacturing accuracy of anilox roller has been significantly improved, and the service life has also been increased several times, and the maximum number of lines can reach 2000 lines/inch.


New application:


Anilox rollers are also widely used in new energy and lithium battery coating and printing industries, from which more production lines of our company are derived: Lithium battery coating roller, Battery coating roller, New energy coating roller, micro gravure roll, Positive and negative electrode separator coating roller, Battery Separator Coating Roller, PP Diaphragm Coating Roller, PVDF film coating roll, Alumina Dioxide Coating Roller, Slurry coating roll, etc.



Top quality material and all the processes to realize outstanding printing result.

The dynamic balance test is carried out to ensure its good mechanical properties.

We use chrome oxide ceramics(Cr2O3) with a hardness of up to 1300 HV.

Strict quality control system and quality inspection before shipment

Delivery time 10-20 days


Material selection and styles:

Ceramic anilox roller

Metal Anilox Roller

Sleeve Anilox Roller


Mesh selection:



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