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magnet cylinder die cutting cylinder
magnet cylinder die cutting cylinder magnet cylinder die cutting cylinder magnet cylinder die cutting cylinder

magnet cylinder die cutting cylinder

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Product Description

Product Description

Magnetic cylinder is made of steel with a magnetic block set into a groove milled into it, and the high strength adhesive and permanent magnetic block are glued together and then completely cured or cured by heating,followed by fine grinding of the outer circle.

The roundness and finish of the surface of the roller body is achieved after fine grinding.

The accuracy of the outer circle is ensured to be within 0 to 5 microns,which is to ensure the accuracy and stability of the round die-cut stickers.Including pillow shoulder, roll body and both ends of the shaft.

Pillow shoulder and roll body spacing precision control in 1 micron,the same need to be equipped with high-quality magnetic blade to achieve efficient and accurate die-cutting effect.

Application of Magnetic die cylinder

It is suitable for various flexographic and letterpress printing and die-cutting machines, including rotary (satellite) flexographic printing machines, letterpress printing machines and group flexographic printing machines, intermittent letterpress printing machines, intermittent die-cutting machines, full rotary letterpress printing machines, circular die-cutting machines and other machinery. It can be widely used in electronic and label die-cutting industry. It is also widely used in other special rotary processing equipment, such as business form machines, envelope machines, full rotary die-cutting machines for special processing, etc.


 1. Both sides of the pillow shoulder is full vacuum heat treatment pillow shoulder hardness to 60 to 62 Rockwell hardness.

 2. For small diameter magnetic rollers, we use high quality strong magnetic block to ensure the strong adsorption force of the magnetic rollers. When die-cutting, the surface in the die-cutting seat will not move out of       position due to friction with the material.

 3. Gears are also made according to the original design requirements of the machine, each equipped with precision processing and anti-rust treatment technology to ensure the precision of the gears and normal drive the roll body die-cutting work.


 4. For special jobs and small diameters, the cylinders can use more powerful neodymium magnets to ensure a superior grip than usual.


 5. Lightweighting of the magnetic cylinder is also possible when the body of the magnetic cylinder is made of aluminum or is hollow inside.


 6. We can also design positioning pins on the surface of the cylinder to prevent displacement of the flexible mold during use.



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