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Digital stroboscope light
Digital stroboscope light Digital stroboscope light Digital stroboscope light Digital stroboscope light Digital stroboscope light

Digital stroboscope light

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Application scenarios of stroboscopes


1. Stroboscope is mainly used to still images, observation overprint during the production process . Unique easy operation panel, portable, easy to use and design synchronization .


2. Widely used in packaging and  printing  industry, to check the printing quality,moulding,punching,folding.


3.It can also used for measuring the rotate speed of spindle ,line of Spinning machine in Textile industry.


4. Used in machinery machine building industry ,to test oscillation amplitude and vibration frequency


5.Used for aircraft manufacturing, automobile manufacturing, printing, mining, shipbuilding, steel cable, chemical, optical, medical and other industries.


Function of product:

In stroboscopic instrument observation high speed rotation or movement of objects,by modulating stroboscopic flashing frequency, and the measured object rotating or moving close to the speed of the object to be measured and synchronization,while at high speed, but it is the slow motion or relative rest.The persistence of vision, so that everybody can easily observed by high-speed operation object status.


1. Power supply plug slot inserted upwardly, plug sleeve do not screw tight, avoid the internal connection loosening caused by short circuit.

2. When the stroboscope can not work normally, unplug the power line, check the insurance tube.

3. When the strobe drain flash may be lamp aging, please timely replacement lamp.

4. The lamp after the power supply is cut off, and may be charged, non professionals are not allowed to open.

5. Handle with care, do not fall into the water or solvent, not in hot and humid or high environmental pollution.


1. How many years have you exported the stroboscope?

We have exported for several years,we have mature and professional service system.


2. Why the customers choose you?

We have high quality and accurate stroboscope and intimate service.


3. How is the price of stroboscope?

Our price is strong competitiveness, can save customer's cost. 


4. What about your stroboscope delivery time?

About 5 days after we received the payment. the next time




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