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Tension Controller
Tension Controller Tension Controller Tension Controller Tension Controller Tension Controller

Tension Controller

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Product Description

Product Description

The tension control of the tension controller refers to the ability to permanently control the tension of the tape as it is transported on the device.

Automatic tension controller is mainly made up of tension detector, high accuracy A/D, D/A converter and microcomputer of high performance…etc. It realizes permanent tension of roll materials according to compare the tension of roll material measured by tension detector with the goal tension of settlement first, then through microcomputer PID operation and adjusting D/A output to change excitation electric current of magnetic powder clutch/ brake or torque of servomotor automatically. The controller can be used in several occasions needed to carry on measuring and controlling accurately with the tension and have application extensively with flexible in usage.


Manual and automatic tension controller

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Automatic tension controller
01. Automatic unwind tension system deploys material tension detection roller.
2. The device will support auto-stop operation when material tension reaches the upper and lower limitation.
3. Unwinder device deploys automatic compensation tension control device.
4. The rotation speed then pre-set tension maintain by the roller when printing material rotate through the printing machine, no matter what the size, width, material.
5. Tension sensors roller monitor the roller tension of the material and amend any changes of the tension.


Manual tension controller
1. Has overcurrent, overheating, short circuit protection.
2. 24V, 36V, 48V series voltage output technology.
3. Unique multi-turn precision trimming technology adjust the slightest nuanced.
4. 2A-4A has a strong and constant output current, complete specifications, chosen at random.
5. Has diversified control mode (panel, PLC, external potentiometer).


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